Schurz Communications expands billing deal with Netcracker

Netcracker Technology announced that Schurz Communications has expanded its billing deal with Netcracker.
Netcracker for OSS BSSSchurz Communications, is a communications provider offering cable and broadband services in Maryland, Arizona, Iowa, and Minnesota, will use Netcracker’s Revenue Management solution for the Long Lines business in order to streamline, simplify and standardize billing processes across different properties.

Netcracker will establish a new Revenue Management platform for Long Lines Broadband’s subscribers that will be migrated from an existing Netcracker Hosted Managed Services environment.

Netcracker will upgrade Antietam Broadband’s and Orbitel Communications’ Netcracker Revenue Management solution, merging it with the new platform designed for Long Lines Broadband. Netcracker will migrate the remaining Long Lines Broadband subscribers onto the consolidated platform.

Brian Lynch, SVP at Schurz Communications, said: “Netcracker’s solution will help us meet our long-term growth goals as well as our short-term, mission-critical billing objectives in today’s digital economy.”