Servion launches strategic assessment tool for contact centers


Servion Global Solutions, a specialist in the Customer
Interaction Management (CIM) space, announced the launch of ‘cim a’ – an
assessment technique for Contact Centers.


cim a maps the current position
of a contact center with respect to its optimal position and provides
recommendations based on benchmarks.

‘cim a’ is born out of
Servion’s expertise in the Customer Interaction Management domain and unmatched
experience of having optimized contact for over 600 customers globally, The ‘cim a’ assessment is deployed to Assess – a Contact Center’s
current position , Analyze and identify operational and technology gaps
and Advise – recommend a way forward. A systemic gap analysis using over
150 Contact Center practices enables organizations to gauge their capabilities
from a standard, best and next practices perspective.


We believe that the instant at which the customer
contacts the organization is the moment of truth, and directly contributes to
customer experience. Today’s Contact Centers play a vital role in delivering a
differentiated experience at the moment of truth,” said Shankaran Nair,
President – Corporate Strategy, Servion Global Solutions .


Unfortunately, there is a yawning gap between ideal and
current objectives of the Contact Center, which results in a customer
experience that is a far cry from what is desired. The ‘cim a’ assessment aims
to study and bridge this gap,” Nair added.


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