Shift in global outsourcing starts benefiting rural BPOs

Shifts in global outsourcing have contributed to Caleris’
increase in size by 30percent yearly over the past three years, according to Caleris,
a business process outsourcing (BPO) provider with rural America delivery

The growth of Caleris and other BPO firms with rural America
delivery locations is a result of providing better and faster first call
resolution outcomes than their counterparts overseas.  

This news follows on the heels of advisory firm TPI
reporting last month an 18 percent decline in global
outsourcing. Additionally, TPI predicted the most growth will come from
mid-level IT and BPO and will continue on the trend of large numbers of smaller
sized contracts.   

These TPI predictions create the perfect environment for
more onshore jobs in the U.S., which BPO providers with rural delivery
locations are taking advantage of.

Earlier this year Caleris reported increasing its
employee base by nearly 100 new hires in 2011. Several factors contributed
to this growth including access to an educated workforce, affordable
cost-of-living, and one of the fastest Internet connections in the country as a
result of ground fiber throughout the state of Iowa.   

These key ingredients are being echoed by other BPO firms
with rural delivery locations who have also seen double-digit growth in their
operations and staffing over the past few years.

The trend towards lower dollar contracts with multiple
service providers allows organizations to get more specialized services and
reduces risks involved with high dollar contracts. It also allows jobs to
be outsourced to more locations throughout the rural U.S. versus sending
them to large organizations overseas.

With rural American delivery locations, Caleris can
exceed offshore quality and compete on a true cost per call and more
U.S.  Businesses are realizing they can achieve better results
without shipping the jobs overseas,” said Sheldon Ohringer, co-founder of

In two of Caleris rural locations Caleris is the largest
employer in town. It’s humbling to be part of a company that is helping
keep U.S. jobs from going overseas while providing small towns with good
paying jobs with healthcare benefits.

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