ShowUhow Unveils its Next Generation of Mobile Platform

ShowUhow, a provider of on-demand, video-based Product Guides, announced the launch of the ShowUhow mobile application, available on the Android platform – giving consumers anytime, anywhere access to ShowUhow’s 360-Degree Product Experience Solution.  

Distributed via web, social media and now mobile SmartPhones, the ShowUhow 360-Degree Product Experience Solution enables manufacturers and retailers to deliver greater value at every stage of the consumer lifecycle, including pre-sale education, installation, and feedback.

ShowUhow initially previewed their mobile technology late in 2010, when they released their platform for all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The expansion of the ShowUhow mobile platform to include Android devices significantly increases manufacturers’ and retailers’ opportunity to reach the consumer during critical satisfaction milestones – such as during a buying decision at a retail store or a tough product installation.

Manufacturers rely on the ShowUhow platform to offer on-demand product education support to consumers from pre-sale shopping to installation. National retailers gain value with anytime, anywhere product guides accessible on the sales floor to increase shopper conversions.

Providing customers a positive product experience is very important to Panasonic. We appreciate that ShowUhow understands the steps of the customer life cycle and has designed tools to meet our customer’s needs. Now, with ShowUhow mobile, it is even easier for our customers to access important product support and education materials anytime and anywhere they need it,” said Gus Erazo, director of Engineering, Panasonic Service and Technology Company.

Consumers using an Apple or Android mobile device can now scan the image of the QR code or barcode on a product package at the point of sale to instantly access ShowUhow’s 360-Degree Product Experience Solution and dynamic Product Guides.

The Product Guides provide consumers with instant support on their most common questions about the product features and the set-up process, so they are more prepared when they get the product home.  

We are changing the way retailers and manufacturers think about customer service by engaging mobile and video technologies to enhance the customer experience. The ShowUhow solution is proving to reduce costly returns and increase sales in every client we work with,” said Kim Folsom, founder/CEO of ShowUhow.

The ShowUhow network has proven to hold a customer’s attention – garnering an 8x greater average time on site than the average retail website – offering opportunities for timely product feedback and long-term brand loyalty development.

The ShowUhow service is so effective that the company guarantees a 25 percent reduction in product returns within the first six months on any product offering the ShowUhow 360-Degree Product Experience Solution.  

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