Shyam Networks launches new radio for telecom operators and enterprises

Telecom Lead India: Shyam Networks has launched RM 600
Series of Carrier Grade E1 Radio. 


RM 600 delivers carrier-class native E1/T1 + Ethernet in
a single platform, making them ideal for a range of backhaul and access


The launch is in line with Shyam Networks’ strategy to
offer seamless voice & data solutions directed towards the mobile and
Internet service providers, and the enterprises.


This series of E1 Radios deploys reliable, high-speed
& secure wireless connections between multiple remote locations with the
help of high-capacity Point-to-Point and Point to Multipoint links.


Nafis Kazim, COO, Shyam Networks, said most of the IT
& Communications decision makers are looking for that special value that
comes along with a product implementation. RM 600 E1 Radio is ideally suited
for solving communications issues in pressing situations and deliver
reliability and network stability.


Shyam Networks’ new radio is available in multiple data
rate options of 50/100/200 Mbps. The company claims that the new radio enables
cost effective TDM/IP wireless backhaul suitable for cellular operators
providing high bandwidth and enabling seamless migration from TDM to IP


Shyam’s new radio system incorporates technologies such
as MIMO, OFDM and Diversity bundled with proprietary protocols.


The Hot Standby 1+1 configuration offered by Shyam
Networks’ helps in ensuring 24/7 connectivity with zero network downtime. In
the event of failure, TDM & Ethernet data on primary link is automatically
switched over to the secondary link in less than 50msec.


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