Sidera Networks Expands Flexibility of Ethernet Services

Sidera Networks has enhanced its Switched Ethernet service by offering three Class of Service (CoS) options with guaranteed service levels to allow customers to prioritize traffic over the Sidera network.

Sidera’s CoS options deliver end-to-end performance based on low latency, jitter and availability characteristics. Sidera leverages Quality of Service (QoS) technology to tag and move data securely through its high-capacity network.

QoS defines prioritization capabilities to give precedence to time-sensitive applications such as streaming video, voice, and high frequency trading over those applications that are less time sensitive, such as email and data archiving.

Our new Class of Service options give customers the flexibility to choose the appropriate priority for their traffic,” said Mike Sicoli, CEO, Sidera Networks.” Today’s announcement demonstrates Sidera’s commitment to offer customers performance and price options best suited to meet their needs, whether that be to support Internet access, cloud or other applications.”

Sidera’s Ethernet service combines the reliability and ubiquity of Ethernet with next-generation metro area transport technology to deliver an efficient, fully restorable and easily managed network service. With point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint solutions available, Sidera’s Ethernet service enables customers to seamlessly extend their Ethernet network both within a metro area and around the globe.

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