Siemens Enterprise offers immersive voice communications experience


Siemens Enterprise Communications has introduced
AudioPresence HD, which ensures that all OpenStage IP phone users can
experience the highest quality audio for voice calls and audio conferences, at
no additional cost for the functionality.


The OpenStage range provides high-definition voice
capabilities across the entire line of OpenStage IP phones, including the newly
announced OpenStage 5 entry-level phone. With the introduction of AudioPresence HD,
the OpenStage portfolio extends its legacy of reliability and quality acoustic


“We continue to believe in the importance of
providing all of our customers with an excellent quality user experience, and
superior audio quality does not have to be an expensive solution that is only
available in high-end or ‘executive’ phones,” said Mark Straton, senior
vice president Global Solutions Marketing at Siemens Enterprise Communications.


“With AudioPresence HD available in every OpenStage
IP model, it is our way of ensuring that regardless of how much a customer
wants to invest in a phone, they are getting the best audio quality
available,” Straton added.


According to the Federal Institute of Research in Zurich,
showed that official Globalization Indexes for information flows has increased more
than 60 percent over the past two decades, and a global survey conducted by
Associates for International Research, Inc. (AIRINC) showed that 42 percent of
companies reported an increase in their expatriate populations in 2010, while
49 percent expect an increase in this number in 2011.


Additionally, global research firm MZA Ltd. predicts the
worldwide conferencing solutions market will grow to near $8 billion at a
compound growth rate of over 13 percent due to the restrictions on business
travel – demonstrating an ever increasing and high level of reliance on voice
technologies to drive business communications, customer dialog and decision


Meanwhile, recent United Nations research indicates the
global population of those over age 60 has grown by over 50 percent in the past
two decades, while the number of U.S. workers over age 55 has increased by 53
percent over the past decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Further, The European Commission expects the employment
rate of workers age 55 and older to reach 59 percent by 2025.  With this
aging workforce demographic comes age-related hearing loss, progressively
impacting up to 50 percent of people by age 75.


“Siemens Enterprise Communications’ efforts to
extend HD voice across its entire IP portfolio with AudioPresence increase the
overall value of its already high quality proven IP desktop phones, allowing
customers to enjoy a natural voice experience with higher voice quality,
superior clarity, better intelligibility and a richer sound experience,”
said Mohamed Alaa Saayed, senior industry analyst with Frost & Sullivan.


The AudioPresence HD enhanced user experience reduces
frustration and helps ensure customer interactions and employee communications
are well understood, avoiding errors and misunderstandings.


AudioPresence HD leverages the standards-based G.722
high-definition audio codec, best-in-class speaker, microphone and acoustic
components, and advanced noise rejection and echo cancellation in all OpenStage
IP phones.


Also, with the upcoming release of OpenScape UC Version
6, multi-party audio conferences will support AudioPresence HD as well as an
industry unique Automatic Gain Control feature which normalizes the distraction
and frustration of loud and soft volume levels from various conference


“While knowledge workers are becoming increasingly reliant on advanced
communications tools, voice communication remains the engine of the knowledge
economy in many respects,” says Jonathan Spira, president of NYC-based
communications analyst firm Basex.  


“Missed information can lead to costly errors,
muddled responses to questions require time-consuming repetition and
clarification, and an unclear articulation results in frustration and stress
for call participants as they strain to follow the conversation,” Spira


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