Siemens Enterprise unveils HiPath Access 500


Siemens Enterprise Communications introduced HiPath
Access 500, a flexible, scalable and survivable branch office solution for use
with the HiPath 4000 enterprise voice platform.


This addition to the HiPath 4000 portfolio is a
cost-effective option for small to medium branch locations offering modular,
predictable growth and a single point of administration to customers with
highly distributed HiPath 4000 deployments.


HiPath Access 500 provides an intelligent way for
existing HiPath 4000 customers to replace older or third party platforms with
new IP-converged technology. It creates a single distributed network while selectively
leveraging legacy technology where necessary, such as analog, digital or DECT


For new HiPath 4000 customers, HiPath Access 500 delivers
a complete, end-to-end solution that simplifies and speeds distributed HiPath
4000 deployments, simplifies ongoing management and ensures full feature access
and branch office survivability, even if there is a loss of network


Because it leverages the option to connect HiPath 4000
hardware, it is affordable to deploy and easy to expand via HiPath Access
modular rack mountable gateways.


These gateways provide connectivity for analog and
digital devices, DECT wireless phones and BRI/PRI connections, and allow
existing Hicom customers to reuse their digital OptiPoint or Optiset phones
with their existing standard telephone wiring infrastructure.


HiPath Access 500 is a 19-inch rack mountable, 1.5 U
server that can support up to 500 OpenStage IP phones, making it extremely
efficient and cost-effective for small locations with a centrally deployed
HiPath 4000.


It comes in two configurations: HiPath Access 500a with
eight built-in analog phone ports and HiPath 500i with both eight analog
and eight BRI ports. Up to eight additional HiPath Access modules can attach to
HiPath Access 500 and provide a flexible deployment option.


“The HiPath 4000 converged-IP platform continues to
be a popular and effective communications platform for medium and large
enterprises around the world, which is why we continue to evolve the solution
to deliver even more functionality and simplify migration,” said Mark
Straton, senior vice president Global Solutions Marketing for Siemens Enterprise Communications.


“HiPath Access 500 offers a simple upgrade path for
our existing customers who want to provide IP to their branch offices, and for
new customers it helps ensure that their HiPath 4000 deployment is extremely
scalable, easy to manage and still very affordable,” added Straton.


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