Sierra Wireless introduces ALEOS Application Framework on AirLink wireless gateways

Telecom Lead America: Sierra Wireless has introduced the
ALEOS Application Framework that enables developers using AirLink wireless
gateways to integrate intelligence on the edge” for more efficient,
cost-effective deployment and operation of M2M solutions.

Primarily, the Framework is available on the AirLink
GX400 and GX440 gateways. The ALEOS Application Framework includes an
integrated development environment, feature-rich libraries, and a comprehensive
set of tools that can be used to develop custom machine-to-machine (M2M) applications
on top of the proven ALEOS embedded intelligence platform.


ALEOS has for over a decade set the standard for
reliable, bullet-proof cellular communication. With the addition of
programmability to ALEOS, customers can now add custom applications to their
AirLink gateways, accelerating time-to-market for highly tailored M2M
services,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, senior vice president and general manager,
Solutions and Services for Sierra Wireless.


The Framework brings new programming capabilities to
ALEOS that enables setup, configuration, session persistence, and remote
communications management for AirLink devices.


Using ALEOS as its foundation, the Application Framework
allows third-party developers to take advantage of the inherent M2M
capabilities of ALEOS and add their own proprietary applications.


In addition, by integrating these applications with the Sierra
Wireless AirVantage M2M Cloud Platform, developers can offer their customers
true end-to-end M2M implementations.


The ALEOS Application Framework will benefit businesses
in the transportation, energy, industrial automation, and enterprise segments that
seek to add intelligence and programmability to new or existing M2M


Simple Com Tools has leveraged AirLink products for over
a decade as the foundation for its M2M solutions, and has extensive experience
in embedded application development as well as ALEOS configuration. Brian
McKeon, president of Simple Com Tools said, The ALEOS Application Framework
helps us to deliver on that goal. It provides a platform for writing our own
embedded applications that run right inside the wireless gateway.”


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