Sify and Vidyo launch video conferencing-as-a-service for enterprises

Telecom Lead India: Sify Technologies and Vidyo have
launched Sify videomeet, a video conferencing-as-a-service for enterprises and
emerging businesses.

Sify videomeet will enable emerging businesses & enterprises to have video conferencing at less than Rs. 3 per minute. 

Customers could pay a fixed rental for getting unlimited video conferencing access or avail the -pay-per-use’ option. This service also eliminates the need for a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) or any other video conferencing device at the premises of the customer, thereby reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

This service allows users to initiate and experience HD,
multi-point video collaboration beyond conventional conference rooms, without
dedicated networks and on multiple devices.

This service offers a telepresence-quality experience to
users on the move, from any device (mobile/tablet/laptop).

Enterprises having legacy video conferencing infrastructure
can seamlessly adopt Sify Video Conferencing-as-a-Service without any new
capital investment to empower their remote locations with this enterprise grade
HD quality collaboration tool.

For emerging businesses, this service enables
enterprise-class HD video conferencing without any capital investment and
empowers them with a powerful and affordable video collaboration tool.

Built on the strength of our network services, with Vidyo’s
innovative technology, this new-generation service will empower enterprises of
all sizes to collaborate cost-effectively and in a secure manner,” said Daniel
Alex, senior VP network services, Sify Technologies.

We are proud to partner with Sify in India. With the
growing penetration of smartphones, laptops and tablets in the region, Vidyo’s
software-based approach to videoconferencing on multiple devices over
non-dedicated networks is the ideal solution for the market in India,” said
Ashish Gupta, CMO & SVP of Corporate Development, Vidyo.

Vidyo’s Adaptive Video Layering collaboration platform is
suited for emerging markets like India, offering low latency, natural,
affordable, high-quality video that works over an Internet connection, whether
wired or wireless including WiFi and 4G.

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