Signetics to buy semiconductor equipment from Disco, TSK, Shinkawa, Esec and K&S to expand capacity

Telecom Lead America: Signetics has decided to buy
additional semiconductor assembly process equipment from Disco, TSK, Shinkawa,
Esec and K&S to expand their capacity.

This project will enable Signetics to grow its market
share in the assembly and test of products for mobile consumer applications.

This is the fourth phase of the company’s plan for adding
capacity and capabilities to its factory in 2012.

The Mobile Consumer space is a very important high
growth market segment for the industry and for Signetics. As our factory
continues to provide excellent quality and service to our customers, we
continue to gain additional market share as well as share in the success and growth
of our customers whose products target these applications,”¬Ě said JI Kim, CEO of
Signetics Corporation.

The company selected Wafer back grinders because of their
capability for Gettering Dry Polishing (GDP). They are the standard equipment
already being used for this process step at Signetics.

New wafer saws from both Disco and TSK will be added to
the factory floor because of their capabilities, quality and efficiency.

To increase Signetics’ capacity at the die attach
process, new Shinkawa and Esec die attach equipment will be added.

For wire bonding, Signetics will be adding additional
state of the art Iconn wirebonders from K&S as they continue to expand
capacity for CuPd wire and to accommodate Signetics’ move to the larger 95mm
width PCB substrate, improving both cost and efficiency.

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