Smart accessories provide value to smartphone users: Strategy Analytics

Telecom Lead India: As smartphone hardware becomes
commoditized, consumers find more value in smart accessories that are wireless,
portable and compatible, according to Strategy Analytics.

Strategy Analytics said that smart accessories provide a
great way for OEMs, operators and retailers to make additional gains in the
market. Also, smart accessories can help to provide differentiation, and
potentially extend the life-cycle of mobile devices.

According to the study smart accessories should be
designed with specific use cases in mind, providing an enhanced user

In order to provide value, smart accessories should offer
an experience as wireless and portable as a smartphone or tablet already
provides. Consumers like the convenience of wireless accessories, without the
need to plug in for power or use, making the accessory portable as well.

Additionally, smart accessories should provide work
compatibly with multiple devices (not just smartphones) and across multiple operating
systems, for consumers are wary of device obsolescence.

Of all the accessories evaluated, participants were most
intrigued by the Nokia Play 360, Jawbone Up and HTC Rhyme Dock.

Consumers want smart accessories that connect using
standard protocols such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Micro-USB or 3.5mm jacks, and that
will work with devices of multiple shapes and sizes. Additionally,
compatibility with multiple devices beyond the smartphone and with multiple
operating systems is essential,” said Taryn Tulay, analyst in the Strategy
Analytics Wireless Device Lab, and report author.

The report evaluates the results of focus group
interviews with smartphone owners in the US and UK regarding consumer interest
in 27 different smart accessories, across different categories, including
music, expandability, fitness & lifestyle, docks, controls and alerts.

Accessories that provide additional value to
devices and a better user experience can help to improve levels of satisfaction
and brand loyalty, as well as provide additional revenue sources,” said Paul
Brown, a Director in the Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice.

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