Smart911 is available to over 5 million citizens across 20 U.S. States


By Telecom Lead Team: Rave Mobile Safety, a provider
of safety software solutions, announced that its Smart911 technology
has seen rapid national adoption and secured industry accolades in 2011.

Smart911 allows citizens to create a safety profile with
critical information, which is then automatically displayed at participating
public safety answering points (PSAPs), when a 9-1-1 call is placed.

2011 Highlights for Smart911 include:

* The
benefits of Smart911 are now available to over 5 million citizens
throughout the U.S.

* Smart911
was deployed throughout numerous municipalities in 20 states including
Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, Illinois and
Tennessee, among others.

* Smart911
recognized for the first Annual People’s Choice Award by Public
Safety Communications, the official publication of the Association of
Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO).

* Nashville
Emergency Communications Center was the recipient of the IACP/iXP
Excellence in Technology Award, in the Excellence in Law Enforcement
Communications and Interoperability category for their use of Smart911.

* Smart911
noted as a Shining Star in the Enterprise Software: Messaging, Email or
Alerting category, by the 10th Annual Mobile Star Awards.

* Smart911
was endorsed by leading advocacy groups across the country, including
the Epilepsy Foundation, Autism Speaks and
numerous regional disability coalitions and deaf and hard of hearing

* Most
importantly, Smart911 was instrumental in numerous cases of helping first
responders save the lives of callers.

The data delivered to our 9-1-1 center is automatically made
available to the answering telecommunicator, whether the call originates from a
citizen’s landline, VoIP, or mobile phone. Location data and additional
emergency information mean that we’re able to improve emergency outcomes and
improve safety,” said Deputy Chief Shawn Jones, Atlanta Police Support

Smart911 delivers information automatically with a 9-1-1 call,
to the call taker’s work station at participating Public Safety Answering
Points. It also supports citizen demand for the ability to easily provide and
manage special needs data. Smart911 is a national system – once the data is entered
by an individual, the data is delivered with a 9-1-1 call to any PSAP that has
deployed Smart911 across the United States.

We are encouraged by the growth of Smart911, but are most proud
of the lives that have been saved in communities where Smart911 is deployed.
The information provided on callers that have registered with Smart911,
combined with the amazing dedication and skills of the 9-1-1 telecommunicators
and first responders has proven to dramatically improve emergency outcomes,”
said Rave Mobile Safety CEO Tom Axbey.

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