SMS is more popular than voice or web for customer comments

Consumers prefer to provide reviews and customer
satisfaction survey feedback via SMS message vs. voice or web surveys,
according to Buzzbeeper.

Buzzbeeper is a provider of real-time customer
satisfaction survey and reputation management services via text, voice, or web.

The survey result based on the company’s trials mirrors
the general trend of increasing cellular phone usage by Americans, where text messages
are sent and received at a 75 percent higher rate than voice calls.

Chicken-N-Mo, a restaurant in Washington, uses the
Buzzbeeper system to gather real-time customer feedback and reviews. In six
weeks Chicken-N-Mo received 68 customer reviews. 95 percent were via text
message. This far exceeds the reviews via any other service. (During the same
period customers left 2 reviews on Yelp and 2 on Facebook.)

John King, a broker associate with Keller Williams Realty
in Palo Alto, California used Buzzbeeper to survey his client base. Clients
were asked to rate their experience with King, and given the option of
responding via text message, voice response, or a link to a web survey. In two
weeks King received 53 reviews (compared to four Yelp! reviews in over two
years). Text responses exceeded voice and web combined.

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