Socket Mobile unveils low-cost Barcode scanner

Mobile, a provider of mobile productivity solutions, announced the launch of a
new, low-cost barcode scanner, the Socket Bluetooth
Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) Model 7C.

CHS 7C includes many of the performance specifications of other Socket 1D
barcode scanners. The entire family of CHS barcode scanners offers users the
ability to add rapid and robust barcode scanning to smartphones, tablets,
notebooks and desktop computing platforms.

very excited about introducing a lightweight, highly reliable and performance
rich cordless Bluetooth
barcode scanner with an introductory MSRP of $237, which is 25 percent less
than our current entry-level CHS scanner,” said Samantha Chu, data
collection product manager at Socket Mobile.

have many current and potential customers whose business needs only require a
low-cost 1D barcode scanner, and we wanted to address this market segment with
a practical and affordable unit that gets the job done while providing a quick
and noticeable ROI. We foresee the technology being integrated into the new low-cost
unit as being the foundation for driving higher volumes, which will potentially
lead to economically priced cordless scanners below $200,” Chu added.

By Team
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