SOHO businesses spending to cross $17 billion


The developments in office and communication technology
have helped to foster what has been a significant rise in telecommuters. Recent
economic conditions have helped to create, in many cases out of necessity, a
large self-employed, home-based labor force.


The combination of the two has been instrumental in the
growth of the SOHO (single office/home office) work environment. That expansion
in turn has led In-Stat to forecast that SOHO business
spending will surpass $17 billion in 2015.


The overall spending trend in SOHO spending will see a
20% increase over the next five years,” said Greg Potter, analyst at Ovum.


There will be pockets of spending in products and
segments that are more significant than others. For example, healthcare and
social services, construction, and retail trade market segments will experience
the largest overall gains over the forecast period, each increasing their overall
spend by $240 million, while cloud computing, as a product category, continues
to experience the largest percentage of growth.


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