Sonakshi Sinha tops global stars of mobile video on Vuclip

RIM’s BlackBerry 9900 has moved up seven spots on the
most popular devices chart to finish the month as the tenth hottest device on
Vuclip, according to Global Video Insights Report of Vuclip, which captures
trends for the month of November.


Vuclip saw a corresponding decrease in usage for the BlackBerry
8900 as RIM users upgraded to the latest model.


This month’s report highlights the mega-stars of mobile
and finds a not-so-subtle shift among BlackBerry (RIM) users.


Vuclip’s monthly Global Video Insights Report is a
resource for those who watch consumer trends, such as advertisers, mobile
carriers, content providers and the mainstream public.


Vuclip’s ever-increasing traffic data offers a unique
perspective on global and regional trends in search and viewing habits, as well
as the top devices in use.


According to the report, Sonakshi Sinha has topped Global
Stars of Mobile Video while, Justin Bieber has topped the Holiday Music Chart.


“Celebrity clips are always hot on mobile, but we’re
seeing increased interest in gossip, local stars, and movie content. Any
residual guilt consumers feel about watching celebrity content melts away when
users have their own individual screen,” said Judith Coley, VP, Marketing
at Vuclip.


While weighted a bit toward Bollywood starlets, the list
is an eclectic mix of reality TV stars, actresses, and sports figures from
around the world. Vuclip’s audience is enamored by celebs, but with over 138
million searches on Vuclip every month, it’s safe to say the long tail of
mobile search is well covered.


Vuclip has become the largest independent mobile video
service by securing exclusive local content in major international markets and
currently delivers more than 19 million videos per day to consumers in more
than 200 countries.


Recently,Vuclip launched mobile movie portal, Starlight Cinema, which is now offering more than
9000 movie clips in 13 Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi, Bengali,
Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Punjabi, Oriya, Rajasthani, Kashmiri, Tamil, Telugu,
Kannada and Malayalam.


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