Sonus Networks selects Infobright for real-time VoIP analytics

Infobright announced that Sonus Networks, a provider of IP-based network
solutions, has selected Infobright Enterprise Edition as the new embedded
analytic database for its Network Analytics solutions that measures and
monitors network performance.

Shifts in network traffic, transient overloads, outdated configurations and
inefficient call routes can negatively impact network performance.

Network Analytics solutions, which include NetScore, NetEng and NetAssure, help
keep networks running at optimal efficiency by automatically capturing, scoring
and transforming data from Sonus network elements into actionable information.
“Our customers rely on our analytic solutions to provide them with
real-time actionable insight on their network performance and understanding of
their customers’ Quality of Experience,” said Wassim Matragi, vice
president of Sonus’ Network Design and Analysis Group.

Adding Infobright to the Network Analytics solutions will give Sonus customers
the ability to do ad-hoc analysis and drill-down into specific control points
to identify the cause of service-affecting problems. Infobright’s deep-data
compression will enable Sonus customers to keep longer data history for
trending analysis, which uses significantly less disk storage.

“Sonus’ selection of Infobright as the new embedded database for its
network analytics applications demonstrates how well suited our technology is
for large-scale telecom analytics,” said Don DeLoach, CEO of Infobright.

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