Sotreq selects Ariba to go paperless in Brazil

many years, Sotreq, a reseller of heavy equipment in Brazil, managed its
purchase orders (POs) and invoices manually. But the process led to errors and
mistakes that were hampering its business and trading relationships.

Ariba’s Quadrem Network, Sotreq has implemented a completely paperless
purchase-to-order process through which it has been able to improve its
efficiency, lower transaction costs and increase customer satisfaction.

clearly needed more accuracy in matching PO data to invoices,” said José Miguel
Gonçalves, contract analyst, Sotreq.

Quadrem’s Network enabled us to almost completely eliminate mistakes and errors
that arise when manually inputting data. And the agility and safety of
Quadrem’s electronic process provides accuracy and stability and helps to
improve our relationships with key partners,” Gonçalves added.

Ariba‘s Quadrem Network is used
by buyers and suppliers across industries in more than 40 countries on six
continents and allows trading partners to electronically connect and manage
procurement activities – from RFQ reception and response, order confirmation
and invoice submission – more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Quadrem and Ariba form the world’s largest global supply network, with over
700,000 companies transacting more than $200 billion in commerce on an annual

the Quadrem Network, Sotreq has been able to:

  • Gain a single
    view into data across departments

  • Increase order
    accuracy by nearly 100 percent
  • Shorten
    transaction and delivery cycle timelines

  • Eliminate work
    duplication and data inconsistencies

  • Reduce
    administrative errors

  • Improve accuracy
    on receivables and, ultimately, cash flow

is a saavy supplier that has proven its ability to meet the e-commerce needs of
many of the world’s leading and largest companies,” said Roberto Costa, regional
vice president, Quadrem Brazil.

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