Spirent advances MPLS-TP and mobile backhaul testing

Spirent Communications announced its participation in a demonstration showcasing the use of MPLS-TP in the transport network.
Isocore leveraged the MPLS-TP capabilities of Spirent TestCenter to validate interoperability across a multi-vendor network environment that included solutions from Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Juniper Networks and NEC.
“MPLS-TP interoperability is critical to highlight the readiness of MPLS technology for service provider trials and deployments,” said Bijan Jabbari, president, Isocore.

Spirent enabled Isocore to successfully complete a number of interoperability tests, including testing traffic and OAM over statically provisioned MPLS-TP connections and sending and receiving multicast traffic over next-generation multicast VPNs.
“Spirent is committed to addressing the testing requirements of the mobile backhaul with an emphasis on MPLS-TP, as well as timing and synchronization,” said Rajesh Rajamani, senior product marketing manager, Spirent.
“Spirent already provides comprehensive support for the various IP/MPLS protocols and a number of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standardized MPLS-TP protocols. We are committed to keeping up with the MPLS-TP advances in the IETF and the roadmaps of key network equipment manufacturers,” Rajamani added.

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