Spirent expands LBS LTE test solution

Telecom Lead Team
: Spirent Communications, a provider of testing solutions for
wireless networks, has expanded its LBS LTE test solution to support
LTE Positioning Protocol (LPP) and Observed Time Difference of Arrival (OTDOA).


latest enhancements includes extensive test coverage for SUPL 2.0/LPP and a
fully automated system for testing user equipment performance for LPP and


time last year, we launched the SUPL 2.0 test capabilities on our LTE test
solution which put our customers on a timely course to successful deployments
of LTE SUPL positioning.” said Rob Van Brunt, vice president of Spirent’s
Wireless business.


is an LTE positioning technology that allows for a greatly enhanced user
experience of LBS indoors and in doing so also serves as a key component for
supporting E911.


the other hand, LPP is the positioning protocol that enables OTDOA along with
numerous other positioning technologies on the LTE network.


expansion to its LTE LBS Test Solution supports LPP minimum performance
testing, as well as a completely automated system for testing UE positioning
performance, including OTDOA accuracy measurement analysis.


company said that these enhancements are critical for meeting E911 requirements
on LTE networks, and they bring the mobile industry one step closer to accurate
everywhere location. Also, these enhancements will be the key enabler for
truly mainstream LBS adoption.


company added that the deployment of LTE enables the introduction of new
positioning technologies and positioning protocols for communicating location
information between the mobile device and network entities, with exciting
consequences for the new services they can enable.


few days back,

Spirent Communications announced that companies and government research
organizations in the Asia Pacific region are using the Spirent VR5 HD Spatial
Channel Emulator to test implementations of advanced MIMO beamforming.

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