Spirent expands solutions to understand network performance impacts

Telecom Lead America: Spirent Communications announced
Spirent TestCenter, Spirent Avalanche and Spirent Studio targeting enterprise
IT managers and network system developers.


Utilizing the Spirent suite of solutions, enterprise IT
managers and network system developers can validate at scale the performance
and security of their advanced network virtualization and virtual desktop
infrastructure (VDI) deployments.


These solutions offer customers a holistic approach to
testing the quality of experience (QoE), security, uptime and scalability of
private and public clouds.


Jurrie van den Breekel, director of Cloud and Data Center
Solutions at Spirent, said advances in network and desktop virtualization,
along with strong user demand for private and public Infrastructure as a
Service with secure BYOD access are accelerating the deployment of cloud and
VDI platforms.


Breekel added that Spirent’s newly-expanded test coverage
enables companies to understand performance impacts, including end-user QoE
concerns related to the latest additions of VMware, OpenStack and other


Network virtualization decouples virtual networks from
their underlying network hardware, providing flexibility and ease of
management. VDI hosts the desktop operating system within a virtual machine
(VM) running on a centralized server, simplifying desktop management and better
preparing the network for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) scenarios.


These approaches offer enterprises viable options for
smooth and reliable migration to a public or private cloud. However, both
present a number of important challenges that must be addressed before products
and service are deployed.


Testing with Spirent ensures that enterprises are
prepared for secure VDI rollouts as well as scalable network virtualization
cloud platforms, and are able to address fundamental issues that impact the new


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