Spirent incorporates Epitiro technology

Telecom Lead America: Test and measurement major
Spirent Communications has selected Epitiro as its technology partner.
Now, Epitiro’s technology will be incorporated into the Spirent Test
Center Live solution.


The company said that the integration of technologies will
provide IP network performance measurements from mobile smartphones and fixed
line computers.


Furthermore, new mesh-testing capability will provide
both telecoms operators and global enterprises with a scalable, flexible
service assurance solution for complex networks.


“Epitiro is a pioneer in Quality of Experience
measurement technology that is used by the BBC, Ofcom and major operators. By
incorporating our unique edge-based measurement technology and mesh testing
capability, Spirent will be able to provide end-to-end service assurance
solutions for ISPs, MNOs and global enterprises,” said Gavin Johns, CEO,


The company said that the ability to measure quality from
the smartphone or computer will allow fixed and mobile operators to sort out subscriber-affecting


In addition, global companies that depend on third-party
communications to link offices will now have continuous quality information to
manage SLAs.


“Spirent TestCenter Live is an industry leading
solution for service assurance. Incorporating Epitiro’s technology will make
Spirent TestCenter a more compelling solution for customers who see quality as
mission critical,” said Sean Yarborough, senior director, Strategy &
Business Development, Spirent.


The measurement technology includes analysis of key
performance indicators such as speed, latency and packet loss in addition to
analysis of applications such as voice, video and popular websites including
YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and others.


Spirent integrates Spirent Studio with Spirent Landslide for
application testing


Recently, Spirent Communications has integrated the
functionality of Spirent Studio with Spirent Landslide. The integration
combines Spirent Landslide’s ability to emulate all elements of the mobile
network with Studio’s ability to recreate application traffic and attacks.


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