Spirent offers cloud Infrastructure testing solutions for HP Cloud Services Ecosystem

Telecom Lead America: Spirent Communications has
partnered with HP to offer its cloud infrastructure and application testing
solutions with HP Cloud Services.


The company has partnered with HP to offer customers the
ability to validate the Performance, Availability, Security and Scale (PASS) of
their cloud infrastructure, using Spirent solutions and services from within HP
Cloud Services.


As an integrated HP Cloud Services partner providing
testing services focused on the underlying infrastructure of networking,
storage, and computing resources, Spirent is pleased to be able to support the
needs of enterprise IT organizations,” said Jeff Schmitz, vice president of the
Networks & Applications group at Spirent.


Customers who are managing business critical networks,
applications and services need to ensure that their virtualized infrastructure
is reliable and secure for end users.


The company said that testing with Spirent helps
enterprise customers improve the overall ROI of their cloud investments.


Furthermore, HP Cloud Services customers will be able to
use market-leading testing solutions such as Spirent Avalanche
Virtual and Spirent iTest along with Spirent’s professional
services to find choke points in performance during auto-scaling or cloud-bursting.


The company also offers Spirent Avalanche Virtual, which
is designed to test and measure the performance, availability, security and
scalability of virtualized network infrastructure. It also enables customers
ensure the overall quality of their cloud infrastructure.


Spirent Avalanche Virtual allows customers to run tests
from within the cloud to determine user Quality of Experience (QoE) and
resiliency of multiple streaming video services, IPsec and SSL encryption, and
web-based applications in presence of a security glitches such as a distributed
denial of service (DDoS) attacks.


Spirent introduces integrated OpenFlow benchmark test solution


Recently, Spirent Communications launched Spirent
TestCenter OpenFlow, which the company claims to be the industry’s first
solution to offer protocol emulation along with the ability to benchmark flow
scalability and forwarding performance of High Speed Ethernet (HSE) OpenFlow
network devices.


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