Spirent’s Landslide can test mobile infrastructure’s readiness for IP services such as VoLTE and video calling

Telecom Lead America: Spirent Communications said its Spirent Landslide can be used to test mobile infrastructure’s readiness for IP services such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE), video calling and multi-player mobile gaming.

Spirent Landslide (source: 3g.co.uk)

Spirent Landslide can test VoLTE performance and scalability at the intersection of the mobile core and IMS cloud.

The solution is designed to test the network’s ability to support data traffic and high-bandwidth/low latency applications including FaceTime, mobile gaming and Twitter.

Moreover, it combines control plane testing with the most realistic application data to provide insights into policy control procedures, charging and content awareness. It provides carriers with a more efficient solution compared with earlier approaches, which utilized separate testing products for the control and data planes.

“Operators have an increasing need to test VoLTE capabilities, and when all traffic is eventually sent over IP networks, they will need to make the right policy, as well as QoE and QoS, decisions to satisfy end users,” said Ross Cassan, director of product marketing at Spirent Communications.

“Mobile voice services are a significant revenue source and VoLTE is poised to bring both higher call quality and expanded video capabilities. Spirent Landslide stands out from competitors because it offers a seamless method to test both the mobile control plane and stateful data performance at the same time,” Cassan added.

Recently, TelecomLead.com reported that Spirent Communications launched Spirent TestCenter, Spirent Avalanche and Spirent Studio targeting enterprise IT managers and network system developers.

Utilizing the Spirent suite of solutions, enterprise IT managers and network system developers can validate at scale the performance and security of their advanced network virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure deployments.


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