Sportech selects Webalo for enterprise mobility

the UK-based international gaming group, announced that it selected Webalo, a
provider of enterprise-to-mobile infrastructure, for enterprise mobility.

lets us combine information from each of our businesses and present it to our
executives on their smartphones and tablets,” said Ian Penrose, CEO of

business operations in several countries, the difference for us, which
convinced us to select Webalo, was its speed and simplicity,” Penrose

Webalgo replaces the purchase
and installation of development software, expensive programmers and consulting
services, and the ongoing maintenance and upgrading of custom-built mobile
applications, with a step-by-step configuration process that easily connects
existing enterprise applications and data to smartphones and tablets.

ability to provide direct access to the specific data and functions that
individual users need streamlines interactions with the enterprise and enhances

is ideal for the kind of KPIs that Sportech measures because it can easily be
set up to deliver user-specific information to each individual manager. They
get the exact data and functionality they need, so they’re able to work more
productively right from their mobile devices,” said Peter Price,  CEO of Webalo.

there are benefits for IT as well. They can create much more mobile
functionality while avoiding the creation of new mobile apps — apps that need
ongoing maintenance and updates. And since Webalo lets them connect directly to
their existing enterprise applications, data, and security protocols without
programming or code, there are no bugs and no security holes. It’s as secure as
their enterprise. That makes Webalo a pretty safe bet,” Price added.

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