Spreadtrum selects Arteris Interchip Communications IP for mobile phone baseband memory sharing

Arteris, a provider of network-on-chip (NoC)
interconnect IP solutions, announced that its C2C Chip-to-Chip Link IP has been
selected by Spreadtrum Communications, a fabless semiconductor provider in
China for inter-chip communication between its mobile phone baseband chips and
application processors.

C2C is the first instance of an industry
standard allowing shared memory between two chips, such as a mobile phone
application processor and a mobile phone modem.

The 100ns round-trip latency of the C2C
connection is fast enough for modem to share the application processor’s RAM
and to maintain enough read throughput and low latency for cache refills. This
enables the phone manufacturer to remove the modem’s dedicated RAM chip from
the phone’s bill of materials (BOM).

“As the leader in TD-SCDMA technology
and product development, Spreadtrum is always looking for ways to advance our
customers’ capabilities while reducing their costs,” said Diana Jovin,
vice president of strategy and investor relations for Spreadtrum.

C2C allows Spreadtrum to remove a dedicated
memory module from its mobile phone reference design, reducing customers’
design cost.

“Spreadtrum’s use of C2C in their
TD-SCDMA product reference designs is an endorsement of the split application
processor / modem architecture to provide the industry’s best environment for
innovation,” said K Charles Janac, president and CEO of Arteris.

By Telecomlead.com Team

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