Sprint partners with Agnik Team on data Mining for Vehicle Performance Applications

Telecom Lead America: Sprint and Agnik have joined
forces to provide companies with advanced tools that analyze vehicle and driver
performance data in order to make transportation safer and cleaner.


We have a dedicated team that fast track M2M
solution to market. So far, Sprint has certified hundreds of M2M solutions and
has millions of devices running on its network today. Wireless monitoring is an
example of how connected devices are changing every aspect of our lives,” said
Wayne Ward, vice president-Emerging Solutions Group, Sprint.


Agnik’s suite of software products provide easy-to-use
Web-based tools that transform data about vehicle activity and health into valuable
insights, highly coveted by fleet owners and companies in the insurance and
auto repair industries.


Agnik is pleased to collaborate with Sprint in
supporting Sprint’s offerings in the insurance and transportation-related
markets. Agnik offers a comprehensive set of telematics products powered by our
patented, onboard data-stream mining technology and wide range of analytic
services for insurance, vehicle repair and consumer market solutions,” said
Hillol Kargupta, president of Agnik.


Agnik offers the insurance industry a full
solution that captures vehicle and driver behavior with a small device that
simply plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic data port. Agnik MineDrive performs
statistical data mining, clustering, segmentation, trend analysis and predictive
modeling capabilities.


For the auto repair industry, Agnik offers MineCar,
a product that combines the real-time telematics vehicle performance analytics
with non-telematic data.


Furthermore, Agnik offers MineFleet advanced
predictive vehicle data mining for monitoring and management of fleet
vehicles that reduces the operating costs.


Agnik also offers Vyncs for monitoring family


Sprint gets $2 Billion contract from Western States Contracting


Recently, Sprint bagged a four-year, $2 billion contract
from Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) to serve as one of its wireless
products and services providers.


The service provider said that the contract with WSCA, a
national public sector purchasing consortium, represents one of the largest for
Sprint in 2012.


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