Sprint selects Brite:Bill as billing solutions provider

American wireless carrier Sprint has selected Brite:Bill as its billing communications solutions provider.

Sprint aims at enhancing customer experience across all channels through transparent, personalized and easy-to-understand billing communications.

“The Brite:Bill platform enables Sprint to deliver a flexible invoice presentation across customer touchpoints. The solution supports the enhancement of our seamless multi-channel customer experience,” said Scott Rice, vice president – IT Care and Billing Services at Sprint.

The American telecom operator will benefit from customer communications and billing analytics capability to support its customers’ needs.

Sprint Prepaid plan announced

Brite:Bill in a statement said on Tuesday said that its solution uses light-touch integration to the core billing systems, pulling the billing data and displaying it in easily understood formats and enables improvements in the bill presentation.

Sprint seeks to improve billing relationships with wireless customers and build engagement and loyalty, strengthening their focus on delivering customer experience.

Alan Coleman, Brite:Bill’s CEO said: “It was a competitive selection process and being chosen is testament to what Brite:Bill can do when it comes to radically improving how CSPs manage, present and analyze billing information.”

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