Sri Lanka Telecom taps NetCracker to upgrade BSS solutions

Srilanka Telecom

Sri Lanka Telecom has upgraded NetCracker Revenue Management, Interconnect and Mediation solutions to create a seamless revenue management process and accelerate time-to-market for new services, bundles and agreements.

“I believe these Revenue Management, Interconnect and Active Mediation solutions will enable us to personalize customer-centric offerings and improve customer satisfaction,” said Dileepa Wijesundera, group CEO of Sri Lanka Telecom.

By upgrading Sri Lanka Telecom’s rating, billing, mediation and interconnect solutions into NetCracker’s Revenue Management solution, the Sri Lankan service provider can experience a number of new opportunities.

These include the ability to compete more aggressively with other operators; to introduce new pricing, rating and billing configurations with ease; to reduce time-to-market for new services; and to significantly streamline revenue management operations.

As part of the upgrade and to ensure a seamless transition, NetCracker delivered a range of professional services, including data migration to move critical information onto the new NetCracker platform.

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