Sri Lankan Airlines goes paperless with iPads

Telecom Lead India: In
order to reduce the use of paper and cost of printing, Sri Lankan Airlines has
introduced iPads in cockpits on its aircrafts to go complete paperless.

The iPads will be replacing paper manuals in Airbus A340,
A330 and A320 aircraft. The Sri Lankan Airlines has become the first in Asia to
get regulatory authorization to use iPads in cockpit.

The airline also got permission from Civil Aviation
Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) to switch to electronic flight
bag (EFB).

The EFB is based on Apple’s iPad that displays data related
to flight-deck or cabin use. It is expected that the use of iPad will save
around 264,000 gallons of jet fuel and in turn reduce tons of emissions.

Kapila Chandrasena, chief executive officer of SriLankan
Airlines, said that the process to go paperless will make flying much easier,
more efficient, and accurate and greatly help the airline’s bottom line, as
millions of rupees will be saved.

The airline has also revealed that the entire technical
flight crew of approximately 300 pilots will be using the iPad EFBs in the all
Airbus fleet of A340s, A330s and A320 aircraft by end October 2012.

The airline has also tapped Fokker Services to use their
electronic flight bag solution available for iPad in the Airbus A320’s, A330’s
and A340’s.

Additionally, the airline will also introduce Airbus
FlySmart Software to calculate aircraft performance and to refer all manuals.

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