STMicroelectronics unveils new thyristor array to meet Chinese standards for SLIC tip and ring protection

STMicroelectronics announced the launch of its device to meet
forthcoming industry standards setting out tougher criteria for voltage surges.

ST’s LCP12 IC protects against
high-voltage surges on the tip and ring connections of Subscriber Line
Interface Cards (SLICs), which connect telecom local loops to the access
network. These voltage surges can be caused by lightning strikes or by
electromagnetic coupling or direct contact with AC power lines.

The LCP12 provides the protection specified by telecom standards used
throughout the Americas, Europe and the Far East, such as the GR-1089 CORE
standards, ITU-T-K.20/21 covering operator and customer-premises equipment, and
the similar Mainland China YD/T standards. As the only protection device rated
for surge currents up to 75A for the 5/310us waveshape at 4kV, the LCP12 is
uniquely able to comply with forthcoming revisions to the Chinese standards.

The new device integrates thyristors to protect against positive and
negative surges on two wires, and provides a higher level of protection than
its predecessor, the LCP02. Moreover, the LCP12 is fully compatible with
existing equivalent devices, hence providing a drop-in upgrade capable of
satisfying the new tougher protection standards going forward. With its wide
firing-voltage range, from -120V to +120V, the LCP12 is compatible with most
dual battery-voltage SLICs in use today.

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