Subex Bags Revenue Operations Center Managed Services Deal

Subex, a global provider of operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) for communications service providers, announced it won a deal from one of Europe’s leading mobile solutions company to provide its ROC Partner Settlement solution in a managed services format.



Subex’s ROC Partner Settlement solution was selected for its superior technical capability, consistent delivery and proven track record. With this solution, the European mobile solutions provider will see the inbound and outbound success for its customer’s campaign. 



ROC Partner Settlement allows operators to quickly and accurately settle charges with their network and content partners. It helps operators improve efficiency through light touch and automation, accurate billing and settlement and prudent accrual provisioning.



Catering to the need for visibility of each deal’s impact on an operator’s bottom line owing to shrinking margins, the solution provides strong coverage in all areas from order to cash. It enables operators to manage costs and revenues on interconnect and partner agreements with domestic and international operators as well as content partners on a day-to-day, and hour-to-hour basis.



Subex has more than 60 installations of ROC Partner Settlement across the globe and is amongst the top 2 interconnect players in the industry.



ROC Partner Settlement’s flexibility, scalability and ease of use provide an edge needed to prosper in today’s market. Subex is pleased to be able to help deliver and measure the success of this company’s campaign through our ROC Partner Settlement solution”,  said Sudeesh Yezhuvath, chief operating officer, Subex.



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