Subex bags ROC managed services deal from Econet

Subex, a global
provider of operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) for
communications service providers, announced that it has been awarded a Managed
Services contract upon successful implementation of its ROC Fraud Management
and Revenue Assurance solution for Econet.

Econet Wireless is a diversified telecommunications group
with operations in nine countries in Africa, Europe and the East Asia Pacific
Rim, offering products and services in mobile and fixed telephony services,
internet and satellite. Worldstream Systems & Services is part of the
Econet Group and is responsible for the selection, implementation and ongoing
management & support of large IT systems for the Group and is the partner with
Subex on this project.

Subex’s ROC solutions cover Econet’s complete customer
organization. Subex’s  presence and experience on centralized
implementations within Africa was a differentiator when Econet was looking for
a solution provider. Subex was chosen over competition owing to its ability to
offer additional components over and above the current requirement and run the
applications on a managed service model.

ROC Revenue
Assurance is designed to detect potential revenue loss and assist an operator
with its investigation, diagnosis and recovery of these revenues. It provides
automated correction capabilities to improve bottom-line results and provide a
quick return-on-investment. The solution is flexible and will support revenue
assurance practices as the provider expands and matures.

The ROC Fraud Management
solution supports end-to-end fraud management, from initial information
gathering and detection through case closure. The solution is built to help
CSPs move towards fraud prevention by eliminating known frauds, reducing free
run time, augmenting internal controls and through continuous fraud management
process improvement. The solution ensures a rapid return on investment (ROI) by
off­ering the strongest fraud management capabilities, increasing compliance,
reducing risk, and providing economies of scope. 


We are pleased with the successful implementation of
Subex’s ROC for Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance.  We chose Subex
because of their great track record with business optimization, their
experience on centralized implementations within Africa and their ability to
not only deal with our organization at a central level but also reach out to
the company at a local level,” said Anthony John Carter, the CEO, Worldstream
Systems & Services at Econet.

a growing telecom market and the operator needed a fraud and revenue assurance
solution that could
help them
achieve competitive advantage in their market.
” noted Sudeesh
Yezhuvath, COO at Subex.
As a
key part of our Business Optimization portfolio, we are happy that our
acclaimed and unique platform, ROC for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management,
the customer’s expectation and we are now providing Managed Services to the
operator to help
optimise their
business and improve customer experience.”

By Team
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