Subex launches ROCware product performance management solution

By Telecom Lead Team: Subex has launched
its ROCware Product Performance Management solution.


This new solution enables telecom
service providers to monitor health of a product, track progress against
targets and make informed decisions to improve uptake and customer experience.


It helps them
track financial performance metrics such as ARPU, AMPU, acquisition costs,
fixed and variable costs that contribute to real time monitoring of product
performance and provide the necessary elements to track progress against
financial targets.


By using
ROCware Product Performance Management service providers can also get near
real-time visibility into detailed product KPIs, such as uptake, utilization,
revenue and margin. It also includes a multi-dimensional product performance
analysis which allows drilling down to market and subscriber levels.


The solution’s
variable forecasting analytics and -what-if’ modeling capability allows
operators to instantly see the impact on margins by altering variables. ROCware
Product Performance Management solution also includes automated analysis and
alerting features when performance of service provider’s product violates set


today struggle with getting visibility into product performance, taking
weeks or sometimes months to understand and analyse the problem. By using
Subex’s ROCware Product Performance Management solution, operators can now
understand and respond to product performance issues almost immediately,” said
Sudeesh Yezhuvath, chief operating officer at Subex.


The ROCware
Product Performance Management solution offers near real-time insight into
market changes that impact an operator’s product uptake and
are pleased to launch this new product that will help operators in t
racking of revenues, costs and margins in real time,” Yezhuvath


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