Subex reveals business achievements in 12 months

Subex, a telecom analytics solution provider, has revealed its main achievements in the last 12 months.

Subex announced revenue of Rs 32,432 lacs, EBIDTA of Rs 5,077 lacs and net profit of Rs 2,068 lacs for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018.

Subex generated 34 percent of the revenue from License & Implementation, 33 percent from Managed Services and 33 percent from Support.
Subex CEO Vinod KumarSubex earlier announced the launch of its IoT Security Lab to solve threats specific to IoT industrial control systems (ICS) and IT systems.

Subex Secure was selected by Pod Systems to provide advanced security for IoT Billing and Connectivity Service.

Subex also announced the launch of its consulting and advisory services for telecom business assurance.

The global analytics company also signed a global framework agreement with ElevenPaths, a Telefonica Cybersecurity unit, to provide FMaaS solution.

“FY 2017-18 was an interesting year with the overall telecom BSS market, our core product category, remaining flat and growing segments within emerging markets myriad with geopolitical and currency crunch situations,” Vinod Kumar, managing director and CEO of Subex, said.

Subex said the company posted a reduction in revenue. The analytics solution company achieved increase in contracted order bookings and improved operational profitability during the last 12 months.

Subex Secure, its new multi-vertical IoT Security solution with the largest threat intelligence library, protects over 8 million IoT devices. Subex said its IoT Security Laboratory and partnership deals will help the company secure a portion of the expected multi-fold increase in the IoT security market.