Subex signs contract with telecom operator Optus

Telecom analytics company Subex announced its contract with Optus, a telecom operator in Australia, to implement its ROC Network Asset Management solution.
Optus, NSN achieve downlink of 1.7 Gbps from a single siteSingtel-promoted Optus selected Subex after demonstrating its domain expertise and value proposition while showcasing the superiority of its telecom analytics solution.

Subex’s ROC Network Asset Management will enable Optus to control its existing and new network investments through a network efficiency framework. This implementation will help Optus to protect their network investments, improve utilisation visibility and provide better financial controls.

Subex CEO Vinod Kumar said this deal allows the Bangalore, India-based telecom software company to increase its footprint in the Australian market and for ROC Network Asset Management product.

“The technology deal will play a larger role in the industry by providing guiding principles for cost management for mobile operators who are looking to undergo a network upgrade program,” said Vinod Kumar, CEO and managing director of Subex.

Optus has designed a Network Assurance program that will ensure clear visibility across the complete lifecycle of the program.

Subex ROC Network Asset Management, a Telecom Asset Lifecycle Management solution, provides a framework and controls to manage network Capex efficiently. The solution also provides standardized processes for managing and optimizing network assets.

The telecom technology solution ties together the financial parameters of assets with utilization and location, thus creating a 360 degree view of the asset. Telecom operators such as Optus will benefit from the effective validation of requests for Capex spend, generation of accurate reports for audits and better calculation of return on assets.

In addition, the telecom technology solution creates opportunities to generate free cash flow for mobile service providers by identifying end-of-life assets for monetization.