Subex signs new contract with Turk Telekom

Subex, a telecom analytics solution provider, announced its new contract with Turk Telekom to deploy the latest version of its ROC Revenue Assurance solution.
Subex analytics for telecomsSubex said it will be upgrading its existing Moneta deployments to ROC Revenue Assurance v6 and will cover the fixed-line, broadband and mobile operations of the merged entity of Turk Telekom and Avea.

Turk Telekom has 13.9 million fixed access lines, 10.1 million broadband and 19.9 million mobile subscribers as of March 31, 2018 and provides services in all 81 cities of Turkey.

Subex’s ROC Revenue Assurance’s converged Revenue Assurance platform will assist Turk Telekom in protecting revenue across all lines of business.

“ROC Revenue Assurance v6 solution leverages native Hadoop architecture, along with Machine Learning capabilities, and can process over 30B CDRs a day. We will protect their business with a convergent system that will cover all their business areas.” said Vinod Kumar, CEO and managing director of Subex.

Gantek, a Systems Integrator in Turkey, will assist Subex in the deployment of the solution at Turk Telekom.

Ahmet Ongun, CEO of Gantek, said: “This project strengthens the joint position of Subex and Gantek in the Turkish market as a leading team in the space of BSS.”

Subex’s ROC Revenue Assurance addresses revenue assurance across functional areas such as service fulfilment, usage integrity, retail billing, interconnect/wholesale billing, and content settlement in addition to revenue management in marketing, campaign management, offer development and lead management.