Subex Unveils Prepaid Channel Assurance Solution

Subex, a global provider of operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) announced the launch of their Prepaid Channel Assurance solution, a packaged solution offering based on their industry-leading ROC solution suite.

Prepaid is the largest and most vulnerable revenue stream for a majority of operators. Prepaid revenue represents around 90 percent of total revenue of many operators in emerging markets and since prepaid CSPs operate in real-time, they require more dynamic revenue assurance procedures to limit losses.

In such a scenario, assuring processes around cash management activities plays an important role because of the increase in number of payment channels and the complexity involved in customer payment transactions and cash management processes, according to KPMG.

The Prepaid Channel Assurance solution will enable service providers to substantially improve their operational and financial controls around customer payment transactions and cash management processes, giving them unprecedented, near-real-time visibility into their cash flows”, said Mark Nicholson, chief technology officer at Subex.

Subex’s Prepaid Channel Assurance solution uses control systems and processes based on its advanced analytics techniques to accurately reconcile and report customer payment transactions and adjustments in a service provider organization.

Its analytics and data visualization approach enables service providers in automating the validation of processes around the back end of cash management activities such as validation of fees and charges associated from direct and indirect Partners.

By adopting Prepaid Channel Assurance, service providers can ensure that all the payments posted in their billing systems and POS (point of sale) systems are valid and complete and all the payment channels are aligned with billing and general ledger. The solution enables intelligent decision making by accurately managing data reported across all payment channels, banks, merchant service providers, and other service vendors.

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