Subex wins competitive bid for ROC Revenue Assurance solution from Turkish operator


Telecom Lead Team:
Subex, a provider of business support
systems (BSS) for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), announced it has
been selected by Avea Turkey, the sole GSM 1800 mobile operator and the
youngest operator of Turkey, to deliver the Revenue Operations Centre (ROC)
Revenue Assurance solution.


ROC Revenue Assurance from Subex is designed to detect not only potential revenue
loss, but also to assist operators with the investigation, diagnosis, and
recovery of these revenues and with their on-going protection.


Subex launches ROC Revenue Assurance 5


Recently Subex unveiled version 5 of its ROC Revenue
Assurance offering. This latest version is expected to help simplify Revenue
Assurance for CSPs, and introduces two new capabilities in RevenuePad and Zen.


The solution finds application in both the traditional
circuit-switched and next-generation, packet-switched service environments. It
can be implemented at large and small organizations, and is flexible enough to
support Revenue Assurance practices as they expand and mature.


The most important thing in Revenue Assurance is the
awareness created within the organization by the Revenue Assurance Group,” said
Cahit Erdogan, Revenue Assurance Department manager of
Avea.   Processes, way of doing business and communication changes
drastically within the progress, which brings the consciousness of revenue
assurance to the company culture. In order to keep this awareness alive and
continuous, it is important to support the process and business results with a
revenue assurance tool.”


As Avea we experienced the positive outcomes of having a
revenue assurance tool after Subex Moneta (ROC Revenue Assurance)
implementation,” Erdogan added. The difference between existence of a
dependable tool and its absence is like the difference between one and zero.
Our business results encourage us to invest more in our revenue assurance


Gantek, a leading Systems Integrator in Turkey, supported
the deployment and project integration. After a competitive bid process,
Avea chose Gantek and Subex to deliver their ROC Revenue Assurance solution.


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