Swisscom to improve mobile broadband services, selects Matrixx Software

Telecom Lead Europe: Swisscom is planning to improve its mobile broadband services. The telecom operator will manage usage in real-time across all subscribers and services.


Dave Labuda, founder, CEO and CTO of Matrixx SoftwareThe selection of Matrixx Charging Engine is significant especially after the telecom operator decided to expand its LTE services.


Swisscom has selected the Matrixx Charging Engine for real-time rating, charging and balance management for its prepaid and postpaid mobile subscribers.

As part of the selection process, Swisscom ran rigorous end-to-end trials for performance, network grade reliability, and functionality.

During the trials, the Matrixx Charging Engine integrated to Swisscom’s Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN), demonstrating high availability and linear scalability. The Matrixx Charging Engine processed 20,000 real-time transactional charging events per second using only 4 2-processor blade servers with latency less than 5 milliseconds for 99 percent of transactions.

The trials included Swisscom’s current and future convergent pricing models incorporating complex business hierarchies, shared bundles and balances, and family plans. The Matrixx Charging Engine delivered the same high performance and low latency across all pricing and subscriber scenarios. This enables Swisscom to use the Matrixx Charging Engine as a convergent charging platform to spearhead differentiation.

“After extensive testing, it clearly demonstrated a breakthrough in the technology required to enable CSPs to deploy Online Charging as a ubiquitous solution. As we roll out LTE, Matrixx Software has an unparalleled solution that can deliver the real-time charging capabilities we need, including support for large enterprise customers and sophisticated post-paid pricing plans,” said Bram Van der Zwet, Head of BSS/OSS Architecture at Swisscom.

Session growth is an issue that is causing headaches for many CSPs trying to find ways to handle the signaling storm on their 3G and LTE networks.

“Our Parallel- Matrixx technology eliminates the limitations with current real-time solutions and combines high performance, broad functionality and efficiency on a single platform,” said Dave Labuda, Founder, CEO and CTO of Matrixx Software.

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