Sybase unveils new version of Sybase IQ analytics database

an SAP company and a provider of enterprise and mobile software, announced the launch
of the new version of the Sybase IQ high performance column-based analytics
database. The new features of Sybase IQ 15.4 provide advanced techniques to
address the new generation of Big Data and unlock critical business insights.

core applications for Big Data are in extremely scalable analytics, where the
extremes involve processing a heavy volume, high velocity, staggering variety,
and unpredictable variability of data types, according to Forrester Research.

new release of Sybase IQ expands support for in-database analytics, including a
native MapReduce API, Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) support,
integration with Hadoop, and an expanded library of statistical and data mining
algorithms that leverage the power of Sybase IQ PlexQ massively parallel
processing (MPP) technology.

IQ delivers the breadth of tools like native MapReduce and advanced Hadoop
integration that data scientists need to analyze unstructured and structured
data together to discover and predict deeper, more accurate insight into
business performance and market dynamics,” said Brian
, vice president, database products, Sybase, an SAP company.

latest release of Sybase IQ combines this breadth of tools with the ability for
enterprises and application vendors to design high performance data analysis
techniques to fully unlock the true potential of Big Data analytics.

taking advantage of Sybase IQ 15.4’s highly versatile and parallel native
MapReduce API, users can quickly integrate new data mining algorithms and boost
the performance of many existing functions.

new version of DBLytix for Sybase IQ allows customers to quickly invoke
sophisticated advanced analytics models to analyze Big Data using simple SQL
statements and to run the models in a massively parallel fashion in Sybase IQ’s
advanced PlexQ technology framework,” said Jim Zhang,
vice president of Analytics, Fuzzy Logix.

ability to execute models in the industry standard Predictive Model Markup
Language format in-database within Sybase IQ allows data scientists to build
predictive models in industry standard analytics tools and then automate their
execution in Sybase IQ.

PMML capability combined with existing capabilities for text and multimedia
analytics provides enterprises with a breadth of available techniques for
analyzing Big Data.

IQ 15.4 delivers APIs to execute proprietary algorithms in-database providing
differentiated analytic capabilities with unmatched performance. Using these
new APIs developers and data scientists can integrate and execute certified
function libraries from Sybase partners and custom-developed models, analytic
algorithms, and data mining technologies inside a Sybase IQ database server,
easily giving 10x performance gains over traditional approaches.

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