Sybase unveils PowerBuilder


Sybase announced the availability of Sybase PowerBuilder
12.5, the second .NET release of Sybase’s rapid application development tool.
PowerBuilder 12.5 empowers developers with the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective
solution for creating modern and visually appealing business applications on
the Microsoft Windows 32 ((Win32)and .NET Frameworks.


Sybase PowerBuilder has remained throughout
the years a bastion of application development productivity for a wide class of
enterprise applications that combine heavy database orientation with a highly
productive graphical user interface (GUI),” said Al Hilwa, program
director for IDC’s Application Development Software research.


“The direction that PowerBuilder has taken to become
a seamless Windows .NET environment with the Visual Studio shell incorporated
into its infrastructure has meant that the product can now be considered
equally for evolving existing systems and for developing new ones for
traditional Windows 32 environments and for .NET,” Hilwa added.


PowerBuilder’s patented DataWindow technology continues
to be the fastest and easiest component in the industry for building data
access in an application.  PowerBuilder 12.5 extends the functionality and
ease of the DataWindow with updates to the WPF version, as well as the Win32


The new version also adds functionality allowing
developers to build Custom Visual User Objects (CVUOs) that encapsulate the
DataWindow and deploy them in any .NET application. PowerBuilder developers now
can share the DataWindow’s productivity by making it available as a component
for use in other .NET development environments to solve the most complex business
logic challenges.


Sybase PowerBuilder 12.5 also brings new features for
Win32 applications, giving developers options to evolve applications in Win32,
create applications in .NET WPF or a combination of both, or migrate
applications from Win32 to .NET all in the PowerBuilder platform, while
protecting their application investment.


PowerBuilder remains the only product that allows
customers to leverage their existing Win32 code and seamlessly migrate to the
.NET Framework within the PowerBuilder platform, saving the expense and
complexities of re-writing.


PowerBuilder ships with two Integrated Development
Environments (IDEs) providing  a choice of development options. Developers
can build and deploy applications in a traditional Client/Server architecture,
deploy to WebForms, WindowsForms, or Smart Client applications.


Users can also develop modern WPF applications by
leveraging the new IDE built on top of PowerBuilder’s 2010 Visual Studio
Isolated Shell and .NET 4.0. Developers can also choose to combine the two
options in a hybrid approach.  

Key new PowerBuilder 12.5 features and benefits include:
New PowerBuilder Deployment Targets, WCF Services used to create Web services
using the WCF model, Support for CVUOs in .NET assemblies enables PowerBuilder customers
to share the productivity of the DataWindow with .NET developer peers.


Sybase and China Communications Services Corporation
recently announced their joint venture
to address opportunities in China market.


The new company, combining the technologies, industry
expertise and vast market access from both parties, will provide telecom
operators, enterprises and government agencies first-class data management and
analytics offerings, mobile device management and applications, mobile commerce
and mobile Internet  value-added services.


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