Symantec: planning to increase mobile security solutions to address growing demand


Talking about the launch of the new SEP 12 platform in
Asia, Avinash Lotke, Product Marketing Manager (APAC), Symantec
enumerates Symantec’s mobile solutions for data loss prevention, spam sms
management and de-duplication of mobile records to control the data tsunami.


What has prompted the recent shift to mobile
security solutions for Symantec?


Information explosion, mobile security and data loss are
the three things that characterize the ICT industry. Symantec offers
multi-layer security solutions to prevent hacking, caused by the explosion in
mobile devices. We are building resources in terms of recruiting more staff in
APAC for new mobile tapping. We will also keep on increasing our mobile
solutions looking at increased demand for the same.


What is the uniqueness of your MDM platform?


We recently launched Mobile Device Management (MDM), a
single platform that can manage inventory, distribution of software, security
updates and environment-compliancy of software. The four main pillars of this
platform are device, content security, authentication and infrastructure. We
already have a security solution for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian,
and last week we released an encryption software for the IOS platform that
allows one to encrypt software as well as data card. All of this can be managed
through our central management platform, ‘Altirius’. We can also create
enterprise app store data loss prevention for customers. The MDM platform can
be extended to the iPhone as well, though we do not offer security solutions
for the same, as Apple has a very stringent security policy.


Have you tied up with any mobile operators to
offer this solution?


We are working with a number of operators and vendors
across APAC for a solution called ‘Next Generation Network Protection’. Some
examples of services offered as part of this solution are management in the
cloud, fraud prevention, and anti-malware. We can work with enterprise, end-user
and carrier, and have different solutions for each. Symantec end-point security
solution for SMB, cloud and enterprise also allows for outsourcing the cloud,
and OEMs can brand these offerings. We basically manage device security at the
end point, and also work with vendors to secure services offered in the cloud,
as well as data loss, and more.


Do you offer any solution to block spam smses
and mails on the mobile?


We have a consumer version offered by Symantec for
malware, remote – wiping of the device and spam smses parameters to verify
senders for spam smses. Symantec also offers data management solutions for the
end point, storage within the network, and ability to block unwanted
mails/data. In addition, this solution prevents open network sharing of
confidential information from getting out of the corporate environment.


Besides data loss, does Symantec offer a
solution for the growing data tsunami in the mobile space?


Under our information management life cycle solution, we
have solutions that de-duplicate data at the block level for enterprises. This
solution combines files of individual blocks to make a single block, and offers
back-up data solutions for Tier 1, 2, 3, and new to old systematic storage.
This is especially good for India where operators have to store call records
for 5 years, as it helps to save on space and time to back-up. Carriers have
deployed this solution all over the APAC region as well.


How is Symantec’s new SEP 12 solution
different from the previous version?


As part of our Next Generation Network Protection (NGNP),
Symantec caters to the security needs of an end user, as well as corporate
carrier security needs. The newly launched SEP 12 solution for end-points is a
game-changing product for us, as it has changes in terms of vulnerability
detection and protection – improving security, cloud-based reputation
technology called ‘Insight’. SEP 12 also leverages SONAR 3, the world’s first
hybrid behavioral-reputation engine, blocks zero-day and highly targeted threats
based on their joint behavior-reputation profile.


The SEP mobile addition version that has a malware and
firewall system, is today offered for Symbian and Windows Mobile. There will also
be an update for the same by the year-end. Symantec Endpoint Protection 12
reduces the overhead of virus scanning by as much as 70 percent by scanning
only those files it has identified as risky, resulting in fewer, faster, and
smarter scans. The new, intelligence driven scan engine is also designed to do
most of its work while computers are idle. SEP 12 offers a single platform,
higher VM densities and faster speeds.


By Beryl M

[email protected]




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