Syniverse and Open Mobile announce Diameter Signaling Service deal

Syniverse and Open Mobile, a Puerto Rican mobile service provider, signed a deal to renew existing services and to add Syniverse’s IPX Network Solution and Diameter Signaling Service.

The deal will benefit Open Mobile as it can improve their services to end users through LTE interoperability.

Open Mobile also will begin testing in Syniverse’s LTE roaming environment to ensure the network will accurately validate traffic flow, handle device registration and comply with all clearing requirements.


“The strength of our ongoing relationship, as well as our confidence in their LTE expertise, platform and support staff, made Syniverse the clear choice for our migration to LTE,” said Neville Cruz, chief technology officer, Open Mobile.

Introduction of the Syniverse IPX Network Solution and the Diameter Signaling Service will facilitate the evolution to IP-based technologies for Open Mobile, empowering its end users with a faster, more dependable network, while supporting legacy needs.

During Open Mobile’s transition to 4G, Syniverse’s solutions will allow the operator to maintain its CDMA network, seamlessly providing continuous backward and forward compatibility.

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