Syniverse deploys Interconnect Services for Andorra Telecom

Syniverse has deployed its Interconnect Services for Andorra Telecom.

The services allow Andorra Telecom to realign its interconnect billing business as a managed service.

“Our work with Syniverse enables us to put our interconnect billing needs in the hands of trusted experts, allowing us to focus on other core business competencies,” said Jordi Puigdemasa, Billing Manager, Andorra Telecom.

Syniverse Interconnect Services are expected to improve Andorra Telecom’s cost containment and management of its wholesale interconnect margins.

The billing company said it also cuts revenue leakage by minimizing the number of call detail record (CDR) errors through proactive error detection. With levels of unreconciled interconnect CDRs creating significant issues for some operators, Syniverse’s services aim to significantly reduce that error rate to close to zero.

According to Syniverse, cloud-based solutions are in demand because of the advent of new IP-based services. The company also said intensification of wholesale competition is resulting into changes in  the traditional environment of voice interconnection.

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