T-Mobile announces 2 international flat-rate data offerings for biz users

Telecom Lead America: T-Mobile US announced two new international flat-rate data offerings for business customers.

T-Mobile International Flat-Rate Plan and the T-Mobile North America Flat-Rate Plan provide access to up to 150MB, 400MB, 1GB or 2GB of international data at predictable rates with no international roaming tolls or overage charges on T-Mobile’s partner networks in 119 global destinations.

The new packages, according to T-Mobile, are designed to address the increasing demand for data and the costs associated with international data roaming.

“The biggest pain point around international business travel, besides the travel itself, is the unpredictability of the wireless bill following the trip – from international data roaming fees to costly overage charges,” said Drew Kelton, T-Mobile’s Executive Vice President, B2B.

Customers can select passes with up to 150MB for $25 per month or $120 per month (plus taxes and fees) for up to 1GB of data.

T-Mobile North American Flat-Rate Plan, offers overage-free, high-speed data across North America, including Canada and Mexico, on its partner networks. Pricing begins at $15 per month for up to 150MB or $70 (plus taxes and fees) for up to 1GB of high-speed data. To avoid costly overages charges, both new data offerings slow data transmissions when users have used their high-speed data allotments.