Tablet market challenges and opportunities in 2013 in India

Telecom Lead India: There are several challenges and opportunities in the Indian tablet market. Ashish Garg, director, Zync Global, shares opportunities in the tablet space in 2013. Its aim is to reach a sales figure of 50,000 tablets every month.

Ashish Garg, director, Zync Global

India has undergone a drastic technological boom in the recent past. Whether, its new players entering the market with mobile phones or new tablet companies coming out with even better variants with added features, India has seen it all. International players have come out with new inventions- whether its new products or gadgets that have brought about a revolution in India. These players have cached on to the niche audiences who have the spending power. On the other hand, Indian players have made a significant mark in the industry with their vast product offerings. This technological boom has caught the frenzy of people and people are exposed to the world of technology like never before. First it was the advent of radio and television, then came in feature phones and now it’s the era of smart phones and tablets where many players have jumped the bandwagon with their unique offerings.

Talking about tablets, many budget tablet manufacturers have been able to reach the masses at large and now the trend has been seen even in the rural areas. Tablet sales are soaring in the Tier II and Tier III cities with many players targeting the middle class who seek value for money products. Zync sought this opportunity in March 2011 and was established to cater to the masses at large. Since inception, Zync aims to capture a part of the growing tablet market which is price sensitive and caters to an audience which believes in value for money. Zync has launched models ranging from Rs.3500 – Rs.11,000 to fulfill this burgeoning demand. Zync offers a pickup and drop facility along with a one year warranty for all its products. Zync has distributors in each state (16 super distributors in 22 states, and through them they reach a dealer network of more than 700 dealers. Zync is also available on every e- commerce platform, so that a person from a remote corner of the country also has access to Zync products).

For Zync, 2013 looks promising with a lot more innovations taking place at our R&D centres. Zync is planning to diversify into newer segments and reach a wider audience. A tablet sales figure of 5 lac is expected by the end of the fiscal year, 2012. We look forward to the year 2013 with more exciting gadgets that shall be launched under the Zync umbrella. Our aim is to reach a sales figure of 50,000 tablets every month.
Ashish Garg, director, Zync Global
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