Tablet may change TV viewing behavior

Telecom Lead America: Apple’s iPad and other tablets are
likely to change the television viewing behavior.


Strategy Analytics said viewers who use tablets to watch
TV are more engaged in TV shows.


How people choose shows and how they watch them on
tablets is very different from how they behave with the traditional TV.


Viewers are less likely to be distracted when watching TV
shows on the smaller tablet screen. When they are watching TV on the big
screen, however, attention is often diverted towards second screen activities.


Contrary to fears often expressed, emerging tablet
behaviors are potentially good news for TV producers, networks and operators.


Caroline Park, who manages the Digital Home Observatory (DHO)
at Strategy Analytics, said levels of engagement are significantly higher when
people consume video content on their personal tablet compared to the TV
screen, and if TV companies play their cards right they should be able to drive
additional revenues from this increased viewer focus.


Connected multiscreen devices are bringing tremendous
disruption to television viewing behavior and, as always, disruption brings
both threats and opportunities. Technology innovators should work with the
television industry and its advertising partners to ensure that the revenue
potential of the emerging tablet TV phenomenon is maximized.


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