Targeted M&A is part of our growth strategy: JDSU India head

Telecom Lead India: JDSU serves communications network
equipment manufacturers and service providers with optical components and
communications test solutions.  JDSU’s optical components serve as the
building blocks for next-generation networks.  The company’s
communications test solutions provide the visibility and intelligence needed to
deliver a high quality end user experience. Sandeep Kapoor, country
director – Communications Test, JDSU India, talks about opportunities in Indian
mobile market.

What are the new opportunities in India?

Customers are looking increasingly at solutions that add
intelligence to management and operation of their networks. This is driving
sales of software and service assurance solutions and is core to the success of
our new PacketPortal and PacketInsight products. These products help customers:
improve diagnostics; reduce truck rolls; offer improved levels of customer
service; and even offer new types of products.


JDSU provides technology solutions to improve the speed,
intelligence and reliability of the networks we depend on for communications,
commerce and entertainment.

How are your solutions accelerating the deployment of new services?  

PacketPortal is a new software solution that captures and
analyzes data and intelligence from anywhere in the network to improve
troubleshooting, optimize the customer experience and create new revenue
opportunities such as managed service products.

It provides intelligence on how customers interact with
applications and the network. With this intelligence, operators can create new
billing strategies based on customer usage models, new marketing campaigns
based on content and customer data, and cost effectively offer managed services
that previously required expensive hardware deployments.

What are your offerings to manage the LTE networks? 

JDSU’s end-to-end LTE test products enable service
providers to effectively test their LTE network during all stages of deployment
from network trials to deployment to service assurance.

JDSU’s test solutions for next-generation networks, such
as the Signaling Analyzer Real Time LTE test solution, help service providers
to meet the demands of wireless access technology that requires fast, accurate
and reliable performance monitoring to help ensure quality. Our accessLTEâ„¢
service assurance solution supports mobile service quality and brings critical
service assurance applications for LTE. In March, we announced an
industry-first communications test solution to help service providers and
network equipment manufacturers prevent dropped calls and poor video quality
over 4G/LTE and mobile backhaul networks due to Ethernet synchronization
issues. The new SyncE” solution is available on JDSU’s Optical Network Test

 JDSU’s LTE test products help to improve network
performance, increase operational efficiency, reduce repair time and minimize
outages and their impact.


What are the growth drivers in Indian T&M
communications market? 

India is set to have 2 billion networked devices by 2016
-double its current number, while broadband speeds are expected to jump
three-fold and online video could dominate up to 70 percent of Internet
traffic.  The increasing role of the network in people’s lives and the
demand for bandwidth-rich applications – presents major challenges for network
operators and equipment manufacturers.

Across geographies, operators of communications services
will need network and service enablement solutions that deliver intelligence to
help them keep up with this demand and profitably manage today’s networks.

What are your innovative offerings? 

JDSU offers its customers a breadth of innovative
products and services, including:

PacketPortal: captures and analyzes data from distributed
microprobes embedded in existing network elements such as switches, routers and
edge devices.  It is a breakthrough product and the first in a new class
of Smart Network Application Platforms for end-to-end management of the
network.  PacketPortal’s minimal footprint allows integration into any
network equipment expanding network reach all the way to the edge, where 80
percent of service issues occur. 


In May, JDSU announced DAX Technologies Corp., and
NetSocket, as PacketPortal application partners. Such partnerships provide
engineering support and testing resources to communication software developers,
as they trial PacketPortal and work toward full-network deployment with their
customers. With PacketPortal, DAX management software will be able to gather
and analyze a wide range of data from the network edge, on demand. And,
NetSocket will be able to extend service visibility to remote enterprise
locations, providing optimized data capture with its smart filtering


PacketInsight: a software-enabled next-generation network
monitoring solution that pinpoints service-affecting network issues hundreds of
times faster than competing offerings. Reviewing massive amounts of stored
network data is often required to identify and resolve network problems, and
PacketInsight rapidly rewinds to points in time on the network and pinpoints
quality impairment issues. It is the only solution that captures data at rates
approaching 10 Gbps, enabling a faster time to resolution.


TrueSpeed Automated TCP Test Solution: enables service
providers to install and test Ethernet services without impacting business applications
that run on the transmission control protocol (TCP) layer of the web server.
One technician can use JDSU’s TrueSpeed to run traditional installation and TCP
tests at the same location. With TrueSpeed, field technicians are able to
evaluate the TCP and application layer in less than five minutes. JDSU customer
case studies show that TrueSpeed saves service providers at least 20 percent on
operating expenditures by resolving more issues remotely. The solution utilizes
a test methodology JDSU developed, known as RFC 6349, to measure the end user
quality of experience when uploading and downloading video and other
high-bandwidth content.

We continue to collaborate with our customers to innovate
products that the market demands. Network solutions introduced over the past
two years comprised 60 percent of revenue for our communications test and
measurement business unit in the third quarter of the 2012 fiscal


What are your expansion and investment plans?

Targeted M&A is part of JDSU’s growth strategy. 
We look for accretive acquisitions that complement our core and adjacent
markets and that support the needs of our customers.  For example, early
this year we acquired Dyaptive Systems, a Vancouver-based provider of capacity
test solutions for 2G, 3G and 4G wireless networks. Dyaptive test solutions
support network capacity planning and quality performance by emulating
thousands of mobile devices precisely as consumers use them to post videos,
photos, stream TV shows and movies, and video chat with friends. We will
continue to invest in areas that help support the networking  market.

Danish Khan
[email protected]